Mynd af Dima Demchenko
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Dima Demchenko


IFBB Academy, Instruction of a gym in Kiev
Preventive nutritionist, Nutrition Science University


Building muscle mass, a healthy decrease in the percentage of fat, an increase in strength, strengthening the muscle charset.


Resistance training since 2013. Competition athlete, 3-time champion in Ukraine bodybuilding junior, top 5 besting bodybuilders Ukraine 2018 IFBB, champion Ukraine UFBF 2019.
Have built a deep understanding of how to get body dreams.


Now my life has changed, before the Russian attack on Ukraine there were many hobbies, the war left a mark on my whole life. I fought in the first days of the attack, was taken prisoner, was imprisoned, but miraculously managed to escape from Russia to Europe, so I ended up here. Now my hobby is to explore a new place to live, especially the impressing Iceland!


English, Ukraine, Russia