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World Class

World Class Iceland is a bright & spacious fully equipped gym with a wide variety of classes & access to thermal pools & thalasso jacuzzi. The bright and spacious gym contains the best in state-of-the-art fitness equipment from the world.


Buy a day pass for one at Laugar Spa and enjoy all the wonderful facilities we have to offer.


6.200 kr.


World Class membership

Members have access to all 15 of World Class’s gyms as well as access to 7 swimming pools; Laugardalslaug, Seltjarnarneslaug, Lágafellslaug, Árbæjarlaug, Sundhöll Selfoss, Sundlaug Akureyrar & Breiðholtslaug. A timetable with a wide variety of open classes is also included in a membership.

Gym membership and benefits

Gym membership

Monthly open contract: 7.870 ISK*
1 day pass: 2.400 ISK
1 month single payment: 13.150 ISK
3 months single payment: 35.870 ISK
6 months single payment: 62.870 ISK
1 year single payment: 91.990 ISK
1 week pass: 7.230 ISK
15 day pass (lasts 3 months): 19.440 ISK 
2 weeks single payment: 9.200 ISK
3 weeks single payment: 11.160 ISK

*minimum 2 months notice, Icelandic social security (kennitala) is mandatory.


Gym membership benefits

GYM MEMBERS of one month or longer get two friend invites to the gym every month. Included in a gym membership is also 10% discount of all products and services at Laugar Spa beauty- and massage salon (gift cards excluded, discount is not applicable online). Gym members can buy day passes to the spa for 4.390 ISK

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Gym and Spa membership and Benefits

Gym & spa membership

Monthly open contract: 21.990 ISK*
1 day pass: 6.200 ISK
1 month single payment: 52.250 ISK
3 months single payment: 113.630 ISK
6 months single payment: 183.330 ISK
1 year single payment: 262.460 ISK
1 week pass: 24.630 ISK
2 weeks single payment: 33.990 ISK
3 weeks single payment: 44.410 ISK

*minimum 2 months notice, Icelandic social security (kennitala) is mandatory.


GYM & SPA MEMBERS of one month or longer get two friend invites to the spa every month. Included in a spa membership is also 15% discount of all products and services at Laugar Spa beauty- and massage salon (gift cards excluded, discount is not applicable online).

Year-round spa members are offered an spousal upgrade from normal membership to spa membership for 60.500 ISK.

Included in a gym & spa membership is use of robe and towel at every visit as well as 15% discount of all products and services at Laugar Spa beauty- and massage salon (gift cards excluded, discount is not applicable online). An age restriction for a spa membership is 18 years.

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Student memberships 2019

Student memberships 2019

1 year monthly payment contract: 6.290 ISK a month*
1 year single payment: 73.590 ISK*
Buy 6 months get 9 months: 62.780 ISK*
3 months single payment 20% discount: 28.690 ISK*

*With a valid student card.

World Class is a member of Reykjavik’s leisure-card. The grant is valid for teenagers between 16-18 years. Read more

Use the ÍTR Leisure grant

Disabled and elderly (67 years and older):

Disabled and elderly

20% discount of memberships with a valid ID*

Elderly (67 years and older) extra discount:

30% discount of one year memberships that only allows you to come between 08:00-16:00.

*Discount does not apply to the 15 day pass.

Terms of the open contract

Terms of the open contract; minimum 2 months notice.

In case of a direct transfer, a monthly fee is debited to the account of the customer on the first business day of each month. In case of an automatic transfer, it will be charged to the credit card of the customer on the 12th of each month. Borgun and Valitor do not allow automatic transfers from “Plúskortið” and “Inneignarkort”.

A fixed-time Agreement cannot be cancelled during the Agreement period.

An Agreement not fixed in time can be cancelled with a notice of two months. The cancellation notice shall be in writing and shall be entered into “My pages” at World Class. World Class reserves the right to amend the provisions of this Agreement without notice.

World Class reserves the right to changes in prices. All changes in prices that are materially in excess of price developments will be announced by World Class to active subscribers with not less than a one-month notice on “My pages”. It shall be the responsibility of subscribers to monitor notices on “My pages” in order to receive important notices.

Terms of health fitness agreements at World Class / Laugar ehf.

Terms of health fitness agreements at World Class / Laugar ehf.

The following Agreement is between World Class and the subscriber regarding the general obligations of World Class and the subscriber during the active period of subscription.
The Agreement covers all membership agreements by the subscriber with World Class.

The obligations of World Class:
World Class warrants that the health fitness facilities covered by the Agreement be open at the posted opening hours.
World Class warrants to offer all the services advertised in each instance.
The Agreement provides the subscriber with access to all open instruction / fitness classes offered by World Class if space is available. The Agreement does not provide access to closed classes and courses that may be offered against payment.

The obligations of the subscriber:
The subscriber visits the health fitness facilities of World Class at own risk. The subscriber warrants, with his/her agreement to these Terms, that he/she can train and is not subject to any special health risk. The subscriber trains at own risk and warrants that World Class bears no responsibility for possible injuries or accidents that may happen. World Class bears no responsibility for the physical damage of a subscriber unless it can demonstratably be attributed to gross negligence of the facility or its staff.
All valuables are at own risk inside World Class facilities. Lockers are provided, and one needs to bring an own padlock to lock them. No responsibility is taken for valuables in locked lockers. If a subscriber leaves a lock on a locker after closing, it will be cut off and the contents donated to charity.
The subscriber warrants that he/she will observe the house rules of World Class, to treat equipment and facilities with care and place equipment, including barbells, in their place after use. A gross and repeated violation against these rules authorises the staff of World Class to expel the subscriber from the facilities, and World Class can also rescind its Agreement with him/her.
The subscriber cannot transfer his/her right to another party. Nor can the subscriber conserve his/her right for a shorter or longer period by temporarily depositing the subscription.
All abuse of alcohol, toxic or narcotic substances is strictly forbidden on the grounds and premises of World Class – a violation thereof will lead to expulsion and a possible prohibition from accessing the facilities of World Class.
All subscribers for World Class must turn 13 years of age or older during the year.

The terms for evening and night access:
World Class provides its customers with the opportunity to train in the World Class facility at Kringlan 1 in the evenings and at night. This facility is unmanned at night.
The customers of an unmanned health fitness facility are strictly forbidden to allow others to come in and train and shall take care of closing the door securely. Intoxication is strictly forbidden.
The customers of unmanned health fitness facilities are fully responsible for training in such a manner that their activity does not lead to injury for them or others.
The customers of unmanned health fitness facilities must themselves put any training equipment back in its place, such as barbells in their racks, and bars without bells onto benches. The access to the barbell room is only at night.
The customers of unmanned health fitness facilities shall observe cleanliness in the facilities and keep floors and equipment clean and devoid of sweat, water and other fluids.
The customers of unmanned health fitness facilities are fully responsible for themselves and their possessions.
Should customers cause damage to equipment or premises of the company, they shall pay for the damage in full.
World Class can at any time amend these terms.

Gym rules - World Class Iceland

Gym rules - World Class Iceland

1. Show consideration for other members. Be polite, positive and in good mood.
2. Put equipment back in the designated places after use. If you can pick up the weights, you can also put them back.
3. Lets keep the equipment clean and dry off sweat after use. You can use the red World Class towels.
5. It is mandatory to wear sportswear. Outdoor shoes, jeans and so on is not allowed.
6. In World Class, we train at our own risk. Be careful and handle the weights and exercise equipment properly.
7. Respect everyones privacy. Using a smartphone is strictly prohibited in changing rooms. It is also forbidden to use the camera in the gym UNLESS it is clear that the photographed person has given approval. Violations of these rules are considered serious and may result in dismissal.
8. Please do not use equipment if faulty. Notify staff of malfunctioning devices so it can be fixed as soon as possible.

Book your class online.

Book your class online.

Booking opens at 22:00 hrs 8 days prior to class.
If a class is full, you can choose to be added to the waitlist. If you get a spot, you’ll receive an email. Please unbook your spot online or by

calling if you are not able to attend.

Please arrive to the reception at least 5 min. before scheduled class, registered or not, to pick up your ticket and/or mark your attendance.

You can cancel online 1 hour prior to class, or by calling up to 10 mintutes prior to class to avoid the blacklist.
Please honor our cancellation policy to avoid the blacklist and the 8 day registration ban.

You can find all your registered classes under “Mín tímatafla” (My timeplan) at “Mínar sidur” (My pages) on our website.

Go to "My pages"

Child care

Child care

World Class offers child care at the following locations: Laugar, Seltjarnarnes, Egilshöll, Ögurhvarf, Mosfellsbær, Tjarnarvellir and Akureyri-Strandgata

A single entry costs 250 kr. but a child care card can be purchased at the reception.

Child care is in all cases paid in advance in the reception unless a valid child care card is active.

The maximum duration for each child is 1.5 hours.
A 2 year old age limit is on weekends (child's birthday is valid).
During weekdays there is no age limit.

If the maximum number of children is reached, the employee may turn children away. If so, you may be informed when the next available spot will be available.

Children are not allowed to bring or eat food or drink during child care.

It is imperative that Children that use diapers have a fresh/dry diaper when entering the child care, where employees are not obliged to change diapers.

In the event of a case where this is considered necessary, a parent / guardian is called up.

It is preferred that the children arrive rested since it cannot be excepted that the staff will put them to sleep. However, customers are given the opportunity to bring a sleeping child and our staff listens to it and performs if it wakes up.


Opening hours

Laugar Spa & Laugar Café Restaurant - Opening hours

Opening hours - Beauty and Spa Center

Mon - Fri: 06:00 - 23:00
Sat: 08:00 - 21:30
Sun: 08:00 - 21:30

Opening Hours Beauty Saloon:
Mon / Tue / Wed: 09:00 - 17:00
Thu / Fri: 09:00 - 19:00
Sat: 10:00 - 16:00
Sun: Closed

Please send us an e-mail if you can´t reach us by telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Booking by e-mailBookings by telephone

Opening hours

Laugar café / spa restaurant

Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 14:00, 15:00 - 20:00
Sat: 11:30 - 20:00
Sun: Closed

Booking by e-mailBookings by Telephone

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