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3-finger Leather KK Large

3-finger Leather KK Large

3-finger leather KK large Black Victory Grips (fimleikaólar)
Verð 5.990 kr.

Efni: Leður
Litur: Svartur


Leather: Black

The leather is carefully chosen to have proper texture and thickness to ensure comfort, protection,
and performance from the first use.

  • Maximum grip
  • Thicker with a cushier feel
    (avg. thickness 2.2mm; thickness varies due to being a natural material)
  • Leather will stretch about 1/2 inch over time
  • Assortment of colors
  • Available in Fingerless, 4-Finger, and 3-Finger styles

    ATH. Meira úrval stærða í afgreiðslu World Class Kringlunni
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