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4 Week Internet Training Program: Four week weightlifing program at World Class Online Training! (Netþjálfun World Class)

This exercise program is particularly useful for those looking for a gym program and is suitable for beginners as well as advanced. The program covers the entire body evenly throughout the week, set up so that you train three times a week and thus distribute the load between muscle groups.

When you purchase access to this program, you receive access within 24 hours of the program, a download link to an app on the phone as well as a link to a website where you can run the program through. Your access to the program is for one user only and lasts for four weeks. *

All the information you need to get started and all you need to know is in the program.

About the program:

The program is compiled by coaches within World Class Iceland who have completed personal trainer exam and have extensive experience in physical fitness and training.

Inside the program you will find a video and a very detailed description of each exercise under each video. We recommend that you thoroughly review both video and description before getting started.

If you have any questions about the program or regarding some of the exercises you can send us an e-mail at netthjalfun@worldclass.is with the subject “101”.

*All content is owned by World Class Internet Training. Should anyone be found to be in any way duplicating, abusing or sharing the Internet training content, it will be subject to penalties.

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