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4 week online training program The Kettlebell 6 – The 6 fundamental Kettlebell exercises with extra workouts. Made by Level 3 Kettlebell instructor Kristófer Helgason for World Class Online training (Netþjálfun World Class).

When you buy this program you will get sent within 24hrs access to the program, app download link for your smart phone and a link to a website where you can also use the program. Your access to the program is for one person only and is active for four weeks from the date you buy.*

All information you need to get started and everything you need to know is inside the program.

**There are videos included with every exercise with descriptions on how to execute each exercise.

The online training course “The Kettlebell 6 – The 6 fundamental Kettlebell exercises” is set up with the goal of helping those who have little or no experience working with kettlebells to master the six basic exercises as well as learning about the kettlebell and how to use it properly.

About Kristófer:

The program is compiled and designed by Kristófer Helgason, who is recognized and educated by Michael Skogg, one of the world's most respected kettlebell teachers.

Kristófer has completed Level I, II and III in SkoggSystems and also teaches and trains kettlebell training courses at World Class.

Inside this program is a very detailed description of each exercise with videos of each exercise to help you master the six basic kettlebell exercises.

At World Class Online Training (Netþjálfun World Class), we encourage you to read carefully the notes in each exercise and to follow all instructions to the best of your ability.

*All content is owned by World Class Online Training (Netþjálfun World Class). If you are found to be in any way to duplicate, abuse, or share the content, it is subject to penalties.

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