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4 week online training program : BODYWEIGHT by Birgitta at World Class Online training (Netþjálfun World Class).

When you buy this program you will get sent within 24hrs access to the program, app download link for your smart phone and a link to a website where you can also use the program. Your access to the program is for one person only and is active for four weeks from the date you buy.*

All information you need to get started and everything you need to know is inside the program.

**There are videos included with every exercise with descriptions on how to execute each exercise.


From trainer:

The BODYWEIGHT by Birgitta program is, as the name implies, a workout program put together by me, Birgitta Life, which only works with body weight and therefore no tools and tools. If you have access to weights, kettlebell, elastic bands or other exercise equipment then you can always make the exercises more challenging by adding them but it is completely optional.

BODYWEIGHT consists of five different exercises and you have access to the program in the app for 4 weeks. The exercises are always set up as “warm-up wod-cardio”. The exercises are all setup so you can do them fairly comfortably but you can also make them very demanding, both by going faster, adding weights / some kind of weight, taking cardio, etc. You can do this completely as you want and make the workouts as difficult as you want.

About Birgitta: Birgitta Líf has completed a personal training exam and has taken courses in Crossfit training as well as a number of courses related to healthy living and exercise. Birgitta Líf has also practiced dance and other sports from the age of three and general gymnastics from the age of sixteen. She is very interested in a healthy lifestyle and is very active on her social media showing people from her workouts and healthy lifestyle.

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