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4-week Online Training Program: Bigger Better Glutes by Helena Pereira at World Class online training (Netþjálfun World Class)

This program is specifically desgined to shape, grow and strengthen your glutes. It‘s a 3 day program where each exercise and volume contributes to maximum growth and sculpting of the glutes.
While following this program I recommend you don‘t do a lot of other lowerbody workouts, but training upperbody and other muscle groups is adviced.

The goal is to help you gain a lot of progress with as little equipment as possible.
But remember that in order for you to reach your full potential it is crucial that you focus on proper execution and good form.

What you need is a mini-band and a dumbbell or a kettlebell that fits your competence level.

All the information you need to get started and everything you need to know is in the program.

About Helena:
Helena is a 29 year old mother of 3, personal trainer and group class instructor. Helena is one of our most popular Buttlift teachers in World Class Iceland. She is a bonafied gymrat, enjoys lifting weights and has specialized in training women who want to become healthier and live their fittest live.

She believes that training should be both fun and effective. Helena also strongly feels that extremes are not healthy and coaches her clients with that in mind.
Her motto is „a healthy mind in a healthy body“ and her main goal as a trainer is to help women gain confidence through exercise. To teach them about the balance of physical and pchycological health, so that they walk out of the gym stronger in every way.

Helena seeks out education regularly and is always looking for ways to become a better trainer and to further help her customers.
- We grow by learning.


Íþrótta Akademía Keilis – Personal trainer education

  • FoamFlex coach – sept, 2014
  • LesMills GRIT og BodyCombat seminar – okt, 2015
  • Jumping Fitness seminar – feb, 2017
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – august, 2017
  • Glute Lab & Muscle and strength 3 day seminar with Bret Contreras and Brad Schoenfeld – New York, sept 2017
  • Business Mastery seminar with Mark Coles – London, feb 2018
  • Elite Business Mastermind – 6 month mentorship with Mark Coles – London, may-okt 2018
  • Private tutoring with Ben Pakulski at MI40 gym – Florida, july 2018
  • MuscleCamp 3 days with Ben Pakulski – ágúst 2019

Many other seminars and health related lectures.

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