Karfan þín

  • Sport Technical Course
  • Personal Trainer Course
I worked as a personal trainer for four years and six months. I worked one academic year as a teacher on basic education with children from 6 to 10 years old. I worked for two years as a Football coach in the Training levels. I worked for a year and six months as a Monitor of extreme sports.
About me:
I am a calm person, cheerful, fun, very positive, organized and disciplined. I am a good advisor, I like to play Soccer, I compete in Fitness, I like to go out at night and I like to party.
Workout, playing soccer and listening to music.
Favourite food:
Guilty pleasure:
Chocolate fondue.
English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Trains at/in:

Breiðholti, Smáralind, Laugum, Vatnsmýri og Seltjarnarnesi.

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