Karfan þín

Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer - Studies in Peterborough, England
Active IQ Group Spin Instructor Course
Nordic Fitness Education - Sleep Recovery Specialist
International Sports Sciences Association - Corrective Exercise Specialist
Campus Learning - Exercise for Ante Natal and Post Natal Clients
Improvement of movement proprioception and joint stability by using the toolkit of bodyweight and free weight exercises - barbells, dumbbells.
Reduction of body fat, muscle building, body re-composition with the help of strength training and nutrition.
Available to individuals, couples and small groups.
Resistance/Strength training since 2012. Started with calisthenics outdoor workouts and slowly moved into mix of weights and bodyweight training in a gym environment. Have practiced different sports at different stages of my life – martial arts, ice hockey, baseball, capoeira. Coaching people to become better and fitter version of themselves since 2019
Travelling, crypto-mining and leaving the comfort zone
Guilty pleasure:
English, Russian, Latvian

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Laugum, Kringlunni, Vatnsmýri og Ögurhvarfi

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